Cureplex shields hair from chemical harm with no change in bleach, colour or treatment application, no modifications in developer percentage and does not act as a barrier against the lifting process. Cureplex is your insurance with hair colouring, bleaching, highlighting, straightening, perming, balayage and ombre.

The dual-action formulation creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones delivering: added elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and suppleness. Hair is invincible with any chemical service with no fear of negative repercussion.

The difference between Cureplex and other similar products on the market is that with Cureplex if you accidentally use too much of the product, it will NOT damage the hair. If you don’t use the correct mixing ratio with other products on the market, they can be quite volatile and have the opposite effect on the hair, affectingly damaging the hair completely. You cannot go wrong with Cureplex.  Cureplex forms absolutely NO barrier in the lifting process!

So simple to use, Cureplex is your optimal tool and allie in any treatment to protect the hair and improve the hair’s condition. Cureplex is perfect for clients with damaged and over-processed hair during colour treatments and any time a lifting or chemical process is involved. No interfering with treatments processing time, use or results. Great with hair extensions, beyond your expectations Never break hair again.

Hair Extensions

Do you want long, beautiful, soft and sexy hair NOW?

Well…You need to get Hair Extensions!

Special! Full head of extensions (40 Tapes) – Only $699! And get $165 worth of Services FREE:

You’ll get a FREE Style cut & Blowdry (valued at $80) to blend your extensions perfectly with your own hair so it will look supernatural! Plus, you’ll get to come back for a FREE wash, moisturising hair treatment, scalp massage & Blowdry (valued at $65)

That’s $864 worth of services for ONLY $699

Moty Grau Hair Gallery use and recommend Showpony Hair Extensions as their extensions are top quality! especially their two-tone colour range, which blend naturally and easily into many hair colours. Showpony produces colour tones in both permanent and clip in hair extensions providing an easy blend solution for all hair extension methods. Both human permanent, clip in and clip in synthetic styles are produced in their own unique two-tone colour range. We Guarantee our hair is 100% Human Remy, it is actually Human Remy A+ Hair. All Showpony Hair Extensions are made from a blend between Indian hair and European hair. The Indian Hair creates strength which helps the hair to last longer and the European Hair creates the softness.


We use 2 different types of Extensions in the Salon:
Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions – The new easy, quick and non-bulky application for permanent hair extensions. Each 4cm piece is pre-taped for your convenience and the hair is individually sewn into the silicon base to ensure no shedding occurs. The Skin Weft is our most undetectable type of Permanent Hair Extension as it actually looks like it is growing from the scalp.

Tape Hair Extensions – the new easy, quick and non-bulky application for permanent hair extensions. Each 4cm piece is pre-taped for your convenience. Most colours available in 20″ and 14″ lengths

Feel free to give us a call on 55386633 to book yourself for a FREE consultation

Gift Certificate

Our Salon Gift Certificates Make Wonderful Gifts

Gift certificates can be customized for any service or dollar amount and they may only be redeemed for services or products. Gift certificates can be redeemed for:

  • Hair Cuts and Colors
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Products

We can provide beautifully packaged gift certificates for any occasion:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Retirements
  • Thank You Gifts

When ordering a gift certificate, please remember:

  • Gift certificates must be presented upon arrival.
  • There are no refunds.
  • There are no extensions past the expiration date.
  • We require a 24-hour notice on all appointment cancellations.

Smoothing Keratin Treatment


Special offer – Pay Only $299 & get $144 Worth of services ABSOLUTELY FREE:

  • Style Cut & Finish Valued at $79
  • Blowdry and Treatment Voucher Valued at $65

Thats $443 of value YOURS FOR ONLY $299
* price for short – mid length, long – add $59, Ex long – add $99.

Book Now Call: 5538 6633

Ladies, we understand. Having frizzy hair can be tough. It looks unprofessional, ungroomed, and worst of all UNSEXY.

But book yourself in for a single session of “Bhave” Keratin Hair Smoothie System on the Gold Coast at Moty Grau Hair Gallery and wake up with PERFECT HAIR every morning!

The “Bhave” Keratin smoothing Treatment,(some call it “Keratin hair straightening” or “Brazilian Keratin hair straightening”) originally from Australia, is keratin-based and works to smoothen and revitalise your hair. Keratin provides a lot of nutrients for the hair. It will make your hair look shiny and feel healthier. Your hair will also be softer to the touch.

What is truly so amazing about this treatment is that it can be done on any type of hair- coloured, highlighted, relaxed, bleached, permed or virgin hair. In fact, the more the hair is damaged the better the results.
The treatment will also last up to 4 months and will wash out evenly.
Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive after a single treatment:

* Improved hair quality: it just keeps getting better with every treatment
* Long-lasting effects: last up to 4 months
* Stays smooth after a rain: Don’t worry about the weather with GKT’s long-lasting shine and smoothness
* Blow wave versatility: Blow wave a new style then simply wash to return to original smooth hair
* Remain frizz-free: effects last after exposure to any form of moisture

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Our Cast-Iron Guarantee: If you’re not COMPLETELY delighted with your Treatment, Tell us within 7 days and we’ll re-do it for free

The Keratin treatment has given me the smoothest, shiniest hair I’ve always dreamed of. Before Moty introduced me to this treatment my hair would need daily blowdrying and straightening to look well-groomed. I can now take no more than a minute drying off my hair and receive the same effect, it’s life-altering!
Laura Wyton, Sanctuary Cove, QLD

The Keratin treatment highly exceeded my expectations, my dream came true!!! Now I can wash my hair, dry it off with my fingers and my hair is straight, shiny and healthy. I highly recommend this treatment, I Love It.
Grace Vargas, Runaway Bay, QLD

Permanent Hair Straightening

Here’s how to straighten your frizzy, curly, unmanageable hair and turn it into a glossy, stunning mane without causing damage, permanently!

Special offer – Pay Only $499 and get $144 worth of services ABSOLUTELY FREE:

  • Style Cut & Finish Valued at $79
  • Blowdry and Treatment Voucher Valued at $65

That’s $643 of value YOURS FOR ONLY $499
* price for short – mid length, long – add $59, Ex long – add $99.
  Introductory offer only.
* $250 deposit required for booking.
* Deposit is non-refundable for appointment cancelled within the period of less than 7 business days.
Book Now Call: 5538 6633

LADIES!! Are you sick and tired of your frizzy, thick, wavy hair that’s so difficult to manage you rather tie it up than bother with the hassle of trying to keep it in check?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, thousands of Gold Coast women feel the same.

At last, there’s a solution.

Moty Grau Hair Gallery is proud to be the only salon on the Gold Coast to offer the exclusive Japanese Technology permanent Hair Straightening System, which is designed to give you the straightest and shiniest hair possible. Your hair will be straightened and strengthened by a Kito-Film and Rosemary Antioxidant Essence, which prevents drying, and repairs damaged and split-ends. It is the safest, simplest and most advanced hair straightening system available today.

The system was developed in Japan with the most advanced technology. Unlike other straightening processes, the system is capable of adjusting to different hair types- this unique approach provides better results and ensures that hair won’t be damaged and all in half the time of other systems.

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What do our clients think?

It’s awesome! My hair was very curly and unmanageable, so I always wore it up. My hair is now silky smooth, sexy and healthy. The treatment wasn’t harsh on my hair. I absolutely love it! I swish, swish my hair all the time now! – Melissa Coles, Pacific Pines

Balayage / Ombres


Looking For a Hair Colour?

Balayage / Ombres From $90

All staff at Moty Grau Hair Gallery have been trained by Moty Grau himself to do this beautiful colour technique, Moty Grau has been trained to do the Balayage in Paris – France, when he was working there as a stylist for a TV Chanel – TF1,
You will love your new look! Give us a call now and book your “Hollywood” colour service today!

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair colouring method, which looks natural, as the colour grows stronger towards the end of the hair. This is the reason why most models, celebrities, and other famous personalities prefer balayage. Many urban salons have started offering this service, to cater to the increasing demand.

Balayage is a French term that means sweep. This method was first started in France, in which the hairdressers coloured the hair through sweeping movements, creating stronger and richer colour shade towards the end of the strands. This trend, which was once popular in France in 1970s, soon become an extremely popular trend in the US in 1990s. In this part of the world, it is spelled as ‘balliage’.

During the hair colouring process, very light colour is applied to the base of the hair, and it grows stronger towards the end. This gives a natural flow of shade on the hair. So, when the hair grows, the natural colour blends with the artificial so well that it becomes very difficult to distinguish. This type of hair colouring is very different from foil colouring, in which the colour is standard throughout the hair making it look unnatural.