Cureplex shields hair from chemical harm with no change in bleach, colour or treatment application, no modifications in developer percentage and does not act as a barrier against the lifting process. Cureplex is your insurance with hair colouring, bleaching, highlighting, straightening, perming, balayage and ombre.

The dual-action formulation creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones delivering: added elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and suppleness. Hair is invincible with any chemical service with no fear of negative repercussion.

The difference between Cureplex and other similar products on the market is that with Cureplex if you accidentally use too much of the product, it will NOT damage the hair. If you don’t use the correct mixing ratio with other products on the market, they can be quite volatile and have the opposite effect on the hair, affectingly damaging the hair completely. You cannot go wrong with Cureplex.  Cureplex forms absolutely NO barrier in the lifting process!

So simple to use, Cureplex is your optimal tool and allie in any treatment to protect the hair and improve the hair’s condition. Cureplex is perfect for clients with damaged and over-processed hair during colour treatments and any time a lifting or chemical process is involved. No interfering with treatments processing time, use or results. Great with hair extensions, beyond your expectations Never break hair again.